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Doggie FAQs ~

We try to anticipate questions you might have about your pet and provide the answers here. If you need additional information use our contact page!

  • 1.  Your dog should always wear a collar with an ID tag!  When traveling, get a waterproof tag with your cell phone number and lodging location just in case!

An 'FYI: If you are out with your pet, traveling or just running around the city or neighborhood.  Make sure to take a picture of your pet prior to leaving.  It will come in very handy if something happens!

  • 2.  If you are beaching...remove a flea collar before your pet gets wet.  A wet collar is useless and it may irritate your dog's skin!

An 'FYI: Keeping an extra on hand is a good idea in case the collar does get wet, or is somehow lost!  Remember too, that use of a pet product like Revolution eliminates the need for an extra collar.

  • 3.  Outside, dogs can sunburn, especially if they have short hair or light skin.  Apply sunscreen (SPF 15) to sensitive areas ~ nose and ears prior to heading out for a walk!

An 'FYI: Sunburns are as painful for your pet as they can be for you!  Start them with a cream or lotion when they are young...then get their attention focused on something else until they are used to it to avoid the problem of having them lick it off. 

  • 4.  Make sure your pet has a shady spot to escape sun and heat!  Have an umbrella or other shelter big enough for him to share with his favorite humans!

An 'FYI: Heat can overwhelm your pet the same as it can overwhelm you.  A protected area, and water available at all times is imperative to keep them safe!

  • 5.  Have drinking water for your pet and offer it frequently.  Collapsible bowls or special tray attachments for water bottles make canine hydration a breeze!

An 'FYI: There are many 'pet friendly' items out there to take care of your dog on an outing.  Make sure you have covered this issue as it is very important to their health and well being!

  • 6.  Some breeds love water and will take to it like a duck.  Never force your dog into the water, especially deep water...and watch for undercurrents and rip tides!

An 'FYI:  Unfamiliar water is not safe for man...nor beast, so make sure that you take your pet to a place where they feel comfortable in the depth and type of water!  Belly high is good for starters...and then they can pick weather swimming is their 'bag!'

  • 7.  At the beach, items washed up on shore are fun...and your pet may think they are fair game, but keep him/her from playing with things that may be toxic or dangerous!

An 'FYI:  Fishing tackle, trash, and even fish bones may contain toxins or sharp edges that can cause you both a great deal of grief down the road!

  • 8.  Sand and salt water can irritate your K-9s paw pads.  When you return from the beach, rinse sand and salt away with fresh water!

An 'FYI:  Then visit the Golden Paw Salon and Spa to give your pet a refreshing day of pampering.  You've had your fun...now it's his turn!

  • 9.  MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!  How often should you bathe or groom  your pet?

An 'FYI:  Bringing a pet home is certainly one of the happiest moments in life, especially if the pet is cute, loyal, friendly, and energetic. However, when it comes to bathing them, apart from the other duties of grooming and caring, there are many theories and opinions suggested. Some believe that dogs never need to be bathed, while others say that a bath once a week is compulsory. There are many others, who claim that bathing a dog once a month is beneficial and healthy. So, you see, the opinions are never-ending. So how often is too often? While some dogs require weekly baths, some might not need a bath for a whole year. The following four factors need to be considered in this regard:

Breed of the Dog (Type of Coat)   While some dog breeds will create a big fuss even when they are taken near the bathtub, other dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, love the water and are always ready to take a bath. The choice of breed plays an important role while deciding how often to bathe your dog. The purpose of bathing is not only for them to look clean, but also to protect them from skin diseases. The bathing interval depends on the coat of the dog.

Dogs with coarse or wiry coats, like Schnauzers and Terriers need to be bathed every  4-6 weeks. 

Double coated doges like the Cocker Spaniel and the Pekingese, need to be bathed every 4-8 weeks.

Smooth coats as with the Chihuahua may need it only once in 8 weeks.

The last category of dogs -- the non-shedding dogs, like poodles, need to be bathed every 6-8 weeks.

Dogs that have a dry skin can be bathed less frequently than dogs with an oily skin.

Allergies  If the dog is suffering from any kind of allergy, it needs to be bathed frequently. Dogs tend to absorb allergens through the skin. Weekly bathing can prevent itchiness and wash allergens away before they get a chance to penetrate into the skin. However, it is necessary to consult a vet to know the exact time interval between two baths.

Another point that you need to take into consideration is human allergies. If any member of your family is allergic to dust, dirt, or dander, you will need to wash your pet more frequently. To remove the dander that accumulates on your pet's fur, groom it every day, and give it a bath once a week.

Lifestyle (Habits & Activities)  Giving your dog a bath depends on its lifestyle as well.  For instance, if you hav a Lab who loves to exercise with you, swim, or roll and dig in dirt, you'll probably want to bathe him often.  On the other hand, if you have a Japanese Chin that rarely goes out...you needent bath him that often!

  • Environment (Indoor/Outdoor)   If your dog lives indoors and sleeps in your bed, then it's a good idea to give him a bath frequently. You do not want your dog to stink and leave a heap of dirt in your house.  You will obviously want a fresh-smelling dog that you can cuddle up to.  Depending on the breed, the bathing interval can be anywhere between one week to a month.  On the other hand, if your dog lives outside, you can increase the bathing interval.

    Note:  Frequent washing is required in summer, as all dogs are likely to face the problem of tick and flea infestation. (*Frequently does not mean every day! Once a fortnight or week should be enough.)

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