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It's our very favorite thing to do!

We love what we do...and we pass that on to you!

Better yet...we pass that to your pet!

Our groomers are exceptionally talented in their grooming abilities. They are up-to-date on advanced techniques and products that are suited for your dog's skin and coat type.

 Get the style you're pooch is looking for ~ easy, low-maintenance, or show groom, we work with you to achieve the look you want for your dog.  Our groomers apply training techniques and positive reinforcement to insure your dog's experience is a positive one.

We take a great deal of pride in offering grooming services you may not find at other salons.  The products we use are gentle to their coat and skin, made of natural products that promote good health.  We have shampoo available that is needed for the different skin types...because we really do care about your pets.

After a warm bath in our new Huydrosurge Bathing System we give them the 'works:'

  • Toenail trim
  • Shave between pads
  • Ear cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Anal gland expression (upon request)
  • Fluff dry
  • Comb and brush out
  • Styling of your choice
  • Fresh water available at all times
  • Potty breaks are given in a private outdoor suite
  • Tender loving care!

Everything we do is to minimize any stress on your pet so they enjoy their time with us.  A typical visit is two and a half to three hours (more if needed)!  Grooming is more than an attractive hairdo.  It's a matter of health and hygiene...and we offer:

  • A wide variety of grooming services to fit every pet's needs
  • Professional Pet Stylists...trained in all areas of care
  • Flexible appointment times
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Hydrosurge bathing system
  • Safety standards...our number one priority

Notes...of note:

Remember:  Regular, professional grooming is imperative in helping to prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin or paw disorders, and painful mats, as well as help you catch other problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Pets of every size, breed, age and coat type need to be bathed and groomed regularly...so schedule your appointment today! 

Please note:  We do not cage the dogs unless it is at your request.  Our little friends are allowed to play, run and exercise together, a great way to socialize them and help them to enjoy a truly fun time with us.

Where did my Mom go?


Grooming your new puppy requires a great deal of patience!  We take things slowly to minimize any stress on their first visit.  We get to know them over time...and we want them to enjoy visiting us and the new friends they will be making here!

Elderly 'Puppies:'

Geriatric dogs often come with their own set of issues.  We work with their special needs to make sure their grooming experience is less stressful and more enjoyable.  Your input helps us a great deal with this.  So make sure that you let us know what your dogs needs may be!

  We also offer hand scissoring and can style your pet

to your specifications or any breed design.